Interoperabilty – It’s Healthcare’s time.

More evidence for the growing issue at hand…Certainly does create an interesting environment for the entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups wanting to take on this challenge…Count me in!

If interoperability wasn’t one of the biggest healthcare IT buzz words in 2014, it certainly will be in 2015. As growing numbers of hospitals and providers have begun using EMRs, the necessity to share data between systems has become paramount. Interoperability is a meaningful use requirement, but it hasn’t been the driver that we’d hoped it would be. With many calling for a change or outright cancellation of MU, interoperability must remain at the forefront of the discussion in health IT. Without true semantic interoperability, achieving the Triple Aims becomes increasingly difficult. Data in a silo (single EMR) is worth a lot less than data shared across systems.

The industry and government are responding, but are there too many initiatives and directions to achieving interoperability? Here is a short list of things to keep track of over the next year:

  • ONC (HHS’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) has proposed…

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