Patient Continuity of Care – Integrating Patient Information Across Healthcare Services Delivery Facilities

Fascinating study of this very pervasive issue…Something close to my own heart!

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The healthcare industry has a poor track record of facilitating the integration of Patient Information.

Patients have EMRs, typically one at each healthcare services delivery organization where healthcare_posthey receive services.

A patient can be receiving services from a General Practitioner, a Specialist, and one or more hospitals.

Rule #1 within any single healthcare services delivery entity is a record of each patient encounter/ service performed needs to go into the patient EMR.

The reason is simple – in the absence of being able to reach anyone who knows the Patient History, a provider has to rely on what is in the EMR for decision-making relating to the Patient.

Clearly, when a Patient is receiving services from more than one healthcare facility, there is a need to consolidate encounter information to avoid duplication of services and reduce medical errors.

How to Route encounter information to patient EMRs

Most healthcare organizations have…

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