Strategic Landscapes: An Outcomes-Based Approach to Health through the Outdoors

Very good post on an under-utilized resource!

Mia Scharphie

I’ve been thinking a lot about the (underutilized) potential of the outdoors as a strategic tool for community health.

There’s been a lot of interest in the potential of landscape for community health on the scale of urban planning, but I am particularly interested in what can be done on the scale of a site: a park or plaza.

What if we thought about each outdoor space as an asset in a portfolio we could leverage to produce better health outcomes? What if every designer, when presented with a plot of land, designed to produce those outcomes? This doesn’t just mean didactic approaches that hit people over the head with how they should live their lives differently, or ‘branded’ health spaces, this means setting goals for our designs based on greater health on the individual, community and ecosystem levels.

Below are some of the ways I’ve organized outcomes as opportunities designers could try…

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