Healthcare Price Transparency: What’s the Impact of Shining the Light?


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Transparency initiatives in healthcare are gaining steam, with the focus primarily going toward the price of healthcare services.  The concern lies not only with what hospitals charge, but also what physician practices will charge.  Insurers or payers have always been concerned about charges because the payor traditionally has been on the frontline of paying.  However, individual patients want more information now too because of a greater cost sharing burden and overall attention to the cost of care.

The transparency movement is best seen in Massachusetts.  Provisions in Chapter 224 require both payor and providers to disclose price information to individuals upon request.  The burden has mostly fallen on payor to date to respond to requests, but providers cannot expect to remain off the hook.

When considering price transparency from the provider perspective, it is first necessary to understand that price can have varied meaning.  The first level may be the…

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