Quintegrity…What It Is, And How It Affects Your Practice!

10329139_10204296161857374_4036296301824319751_nWhen a Medical Professional considers taking advantage of our services, they usually¬†have some very pertinent questions. I have elected to address some of the most common questions I hear in this post, and discuss a method I use to maintain professionalism and integrity in my work…Quintegrity! Please feel free to ask any that I may not have addressed¬†in the comments section below.

Healthcare professionals in private practice today deserve a great deal of respect! They are constantly facing a diverse set of changing priorities in the areas of regulations (HITECH, ARRA, HIPAA,etc), direct patient care, coding/collection and other business functions and decisions. They are not afforded the benefits of an affiliation with a larger Hospital, ACO, or Medical Group which often includes benefits such as billing management, EHR/PM software/support, HIE integration, credentialing, referrals, etc

The Private Practice¬†today values their autonomy, they make the decisions on how they deliver care, who they hire, what gets outsourced and what doesn’t, which systems they utilize and, to some extent, how. More¬†importantly, they have the unique advantage of having the opportunity to creatively augment, grow, diversify, and define their services and models. In today’s evolving healthcare market that can tend to be an extremely exciting proposition, as well as quite a daunting task.

We are here to address these opportunities, and facilitate the vision and mission of your practice, all the while equipping¬†your staff¬†with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to generate forward momentum. Private Practices need to meet Meaningful Use, they need to augment¬†the way they see their patients, include evidence-based¬†methods, get prepared for ICD-10, and get connected into the Health Information Exchange for the state…and the Hospital…and the Community Health Center…and…well you get the point. We can certainly assist¬†with any of these situations, but…what’s in it for you?

What’s in it for you is a valid question, and I would like to point out what a practice can expect to see and experience as a result of working with The Private Practice Consultant. Let’s start with the fundamentals…


Our number one focus here at The Private Practice Consultant is Integrity. But not¬†only integrity in general, we pride ourselves on our unique¬†model of quintegrity. Quintegrity is integrity in five key areas that encompass our work. Whether it’s on the project level, or on¬†the deliverable task level you can expect that integrity in these five key areas is always evident:

  1. Intelligence

    Whether it be fact-finding, market research, patient related, or regulatory in nature, the integrity of the information gathered is painstakingly verified.

  2. Insight

    Once information is gathered and verified, it is the insight with integrity that turns it into actionable intelligence that is relevant to the specific practice in question. We are fortunate to have the insight of multiple medical professionals across specialties and at all levels of care delivery.

  3. Development

    One size does not fit all in the Private Practice setting, that’s why integrity in development of actionable intelligence, process, and/or systems is key.

  4. Implementation

    Many consultants will provide guidance when it comes to implementing a new process or procedure, but we take it a few steps further. We treat the implementation of each new process or procedure with integrity by using Quintegrity to determine who will be affected, provide relevant communication/training where needed, develop the process for roll out, and measure the results and effects.

  5. Communication

    The final piece of the Quintegrity framework is communication. This is a fundamental step in any project or task. Communication is prompt, status updates are provided, materials may be created…HIPPA is always¬†front of mind.

I find that regardless of the functional area I am working in, whether I’m eliciting requirements, analyzing business processes, working with software, hardware, staff, or any other activity in my consulting, quintegrity at each stage¬†is paramount.

Here are some of the functional areas where practices generally utilize our services:

  • REPORTING Financial reports, analytic, business intelligence, dashboards¬†
  • WORKFLOW Check/In-Check/Out, appointment management, marketing functions
  • BUSINESS SYSTEMS Accounting, inventory, time, incident management
  • STAFF DEVELOPMENTTeam building, engagement, training, empowerment
  • INTEROPERABILITY Interfacing with labs, rad, other systems, HIE
  • CONTINUITY-OF-CARE –¬†(PCMH) approach in Private Practice
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTConcierge services, alternative pricing, social media
  • VENDOR SELECTION EHR/PMS, interfacing, outsourced billing, HIE, Data Mining
  • IMPLEMENTATIONa single procedure, multiple processes, or new revenue stream
  • QUALITY IMPROVEMENT A significant¬†and patient-centered methodology
  • DATA ANALYTICS Exploration of currently existing data

Every practice is different and each has it’s own personality, vision, goals, and desired outcomes. This is where we shine!¬†I¬†am an advocate and a partner to my clients. We use cutting edge tools and systems to map, design, report, and monitor. We can travel to you, or service you remotely. We offer task, project, partner, and subscription¬†payment models to ensure a practice gets the help they may need when they need it, and we always start with a no obligation FREE evaluation…Please give Jason a call at 413-355-3525 for your initial consultation and take back your practice!

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