Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities For Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care

The Direct Primary Care Journal

JULY 2, 2013 — Here’s the current downside in concierge medicine: We’ve (Concierge Medicine Today and our research arm, The Concierge Medicine Research Collective) have been studying the demand for concierge, direct care, cash only and retainer-based medical models by consumers for many years. We’re finding that the number of patients who are seeking concierge medical care is far greater than the actual number of primary care and family practice doctors available to serve them.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities For Concierge Medicine
Source: Concierge Medicine Today and The Concierge Medicine Research Collective © 2012

1)         Los Angeles, CA

2)         San Fransisco, CA

3)         New York, NY

4)         Palm Beach, FL

5)         Baltimore, MD

6)         Washington, DC

7)         Philadelphia, PA

8)         Seattle, WA

9)         Chicago, IL

10)      San Diego, CA

“Despite what we hear in the media about the increase in concierge and private-pay physicians growing across America, there…

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