Disrupting Healthcare: The Movement


It is with great excitement and purpose that I begin this journey. And although I have a tall order to fill, I know I will be successful with the right team.

Who the hell am I to create a movement, or to innovate, or to even talk at all?


I am Jason Brooks also known as The Private Practice Consultant, and I am a game-changer! I am challenging the old paradigm of those that currently benefit and profit from disparate systems and disconnected offices. I am railing against the systematic dismemberment of the independent practice and I’m bringing some friends!

I have found myself systematically drawn towards healthcare in one way or another throughout my entire life.

As a wide-eyed child patient enduring multiple major surgeries and months long hospital stays. As a young adult in the same circumstances. As a husband and a father of three, with the care of my children being of utmost importance. As a professional entering the healthcare arena first in software, then growing my career into the private practice, the hospital, the state agency, and now in freelance consulting and community healthcare.

My career has taken me into the practices, hospitals, state agencies, and community healthcare centers who are all feeling the pressure of the shift to patient-centered care.


I have provided support, installed EHR and Practice Management Systems, redesigned processes, freelanced as a consultant, worked on Health Information Exchanges, and researched emerging technologies, and that was just in the first few years in this industry (close to ten, now).

I have seen first-hand the immense struggle that independent physicians and their staff face on a daily basis and frankly, I’ve had enough!

I have entered the realm of entrepreneurship in an effort to design and promote the solutions that will enable the small to medium sized practices in this country to compete with the larger organizations, most of which have begun to allocate a great deal of resources to these very same issues.

Although the prospect of patient-centered care does have it’s undeniable advantages, most notably a healthier more educated population (when the appropriate systems are finally in place), the road to get there has been rocky to say the least.

It’s time for a radical change, for disruption, and innovation. It’s time for people like yours truly to incite passion in the tribe, to enable the communities on social media to be part of the solution, to come together and create a movement.


I invite you to come join me in a new kind of innovation model. I call it “Quintegrity Innovations” and this is the ground floor.

My sole intention is to create a dream team of Physicians, Specialists, Mid-levels, Developers, Internet Marketers, C-level executives, Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Influencers together to create a host of solutions aimed at making the goal of patient-centered care, chronic care, interoperability, and population management a reality.

We are living in an exciting time, and we are blessed with the ability to share our genius and collaborate our way to many solutions. This will be a challenge, but the rewards both financial and spiritual will be like none before them.

I am committed to creating a superior “innovation incubator” for lack of a better term, but I cannot do it without your expertise!

We will need to start by forming a board of directors consisting of one member from each functional area to establish the groundwork.

Do you have a unique skill to bring to the table? If so, I want to hear from you. Please send an email to quintegrityconsulting@gmail.com and introduce yourself. After I begin to receive emails I will contact you with details for an individual call, which will be followed by a conference call. In closing I will only say that I am presenting a unique opportunity that could be very profitable and have a profound effect on healthcare delivery as we now know it.

Thank you for listening, I hope to hear from you!

Posted with the medical practice in mind.


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The Private Practice Consultant

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