Disrupting Healthcare: The Community


Innovation is looking at problems that exist in business, community, or society and hand-crafting a solution. Disrupting the status quo, and improving the outcome in a given scenario. It’s stepping up to a challenge that seems insurmountable and breaking it down piece by piece, then rebuilding it with reinforcement and new technologies. Innovation creates structured chaos, and from that chaos emerges a host of potential opportunities.

I am an innovator, and I am not alone! As a matter of fact I am in the company of some of the most passionate and brilliant minds in the medical industry today. I have spoken to CEO’s, physicians, nurses, and developers. To internet marketing rock stars, and people at every level of the Hospital, Community Healthcare Center, and private practice.

I have shared great conversation with leaders in business and finance. They all have one thing in common, they want to see the current healthcare delivery model disrupted!

So let’s innovate!

1. Innovation Network
My first innovation will be to create a members network of professionals with varying skill sets. This will be a forum for innovation in it’s purest form. With a group of professionals representing each functional area of a successful product/service launch, while unrepresented skill areas can be outsourced to key talent or recruited into the network.

2. Innovator Exchange
My next innovation will be to create a system to allow the talent of the innovators network to be utilized by outside agencies to further enhance their current innovation efforts on a for-hire basis.

3. A New Kind of Business Model
My third innovation is to implement a brand new business model that provides significant financial compensation for the active innovators on any successful project, thus allowing professionals to share their time, resources, and expertise on a part time basis while earning profits on multiple endeavors.

Of course this is all speculation at this point, but I am currently developing the necessary environment to begin this project.

I do need the help of every potential contributor, and every potential patient, and every fed up healthcare worker. I will need the passion and spirit of every influencer, and anyone who can spread the word.

Ultimately, my vision is to begin a new community where the proactive exchange of ideas can immediately lead to market testing, prototyping, development, and ultimately to launch.

I need your help dear reader, whether it be in your participation, or in your willingness to be a part of something bigger than all of us by helping to share this message. And of course, as always, I want to connect with you. Please feel free to call me (This is my personal cell number) 413-355-3525 or leave a comment. Thank you for listening!

Posted with the medical practice in mind.

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