Meaningful Use Penalties for 257,000 Physicians in 2015!

Meaningful Use is a huge headache for most of the doctors (and staff members for that matter) that I speak to on a regular basis. Headache may even be an understatement. I have personally experienced some doctors changing the business model of their practice and even taking an early retirement just to avoid the invasive measures. CMS isn’t blowing smoke either, the penalties started on Jan 1st of this year…Meaningful-Use-Penalties

Private Practice has consistently struggled through these measures, at a cost that is very difficult to quantify, especially when you consider the learning curve, initial hardware investments, workflow disruptions, and reimbursement slashing. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Now more than half the eligible professionals are facing penalties! I’m not a doctor, but I certainly feel empathy for these selfless caregivers. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of watching good people suffer. Stick with me and I will provide folks with the context, tools, relationships, systems, and best practices to rise above this nonsensical system of bureaucratic pocket-fattening!

Now on to the article…

Meaningful Use Stage 1 was a pain in the ass for sure, but was certainly less stringent than Stage 2. Stage 3, now that’s another matter for another post, but you can check out this article by Tom Sullivan now if you’d like…here.

January 1st, 2015 marks the beginning of the penalties for the providers that have not attested successfully to Stage 1 or 2 of Meaningful Use. We are talking about further reductions in Medicare reimbursements for more than 257,000 physicians, that’s more than half the eligible professionals, and this is on top of the already crippling PQRS (formerly PQRI – Physician Quality Reporting Initiative) cutbacks and reductions in reimbursement from CMS.


by: Shaun Sutner

If the views of Richard Porwancher, M.D., also represent even some of the quarter of a million physicians who face Medicare penalties from CMS in 2015, there are a lot of unhappy providers to whom EHRs feel more like a burden than a medical advancement.

CMS is set to begin levying 1% and 2% Medicare penalties against some 257,000 physicians who…READ MORE HERE——–>via CMS to levy Medicare penalties against physicians.


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