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Healthcare professionals in private practice today deserve a great deal of respect! They are constantly facing a diverse set of changing priorities in the areas of regulations (HITECH, ARRA, HIPAA,etc), direct patient care, coding/collection and other business functions and decisions.

They are not afforded the benefits of an affiliation with a larger Hospital, ACO, or Medical Group which often includes benefits such as billing management, EHR/PM software and support, HIE integration, credentialing, referrals, etc


The Private Practice today values their autonomy, they make the decisions on how they deliver care, who they hire, what gets outsourced and what doesn’t, which systems they utilize, and, to some extent, how.

More importantly, they have the unique advantage of having the opportunity to creatively augment, grow, diversify, and define their services and models. In today’s evolving healthcare market that can tend to be an extremely exciting proposition, as well as quite a daunting task.


Forward Momentum

I am here to address these opportunities, and facilitate the vision and mission of your practice, all the while equipping your staff with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to generate forward momentum.

Private Practices need to meet Meaningful Use, they need to augment the way they see their patients, include evidence-based methods, get prepared for ICD-10, and get connected into the Health Information Exchange for the state…and the Hospital…and the Community Health Center…and…well you get the point.


Your Advocate

Every practice is different and each has it’s own personality, vision, goals, and desired outcomes.  I am an advocate and a partner to my readers. I’m happy to provide some light consulting, or even just to chat about different options, systems, and vendors to ensure a practice gets the help they may need when they need it. care-delivery

Please give me a call at 413-355-3525 and leave a message or ask for Jason and get started on the path to take back your practice!


I never charge for my time, but I work hard to provide excellent, up-to-date  information and news on the issues, services, and products that are important to you. I do receive a commission from some of the products and services I may present, and this supports my business and my efforts to provide you with great content and free resources.


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