On a buying binge, Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush aims to own the “healthcare internet”


Athenahealth [fortune-stock symbol=”ATHN”], the cloud-based medical IT company run by presidential relative Jonathan Bush—and the target of a short bet by hedge fund manager David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital—is on a shopping spree.

The company announced on Wednesday that it has acquired RazorInsights, a cloud-based hospital software firm, for what Athena said was an “immaterial” price somewhere under $268 million (less than 5% of Athena’s $5.37 market cap). Athenahealth also added two more health care startups to its new “More Disruption Please” accelerator this week, investing an estimated $250,000 in each portfolio company.

Bush, Athena’s ceaselessly energetic CEO, views the More Disruption Please program—which also includes partner companies that don’t receive funding from Athena—as a holding pen to shepherd in future acquisitions: “Oh, hell yeah. This is our nursery. This is our farm team,” he tells Fortune. (For more on Bush and his strategy for Athenahealth, see “Is…

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