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CMT SPOTLIGHT: A Day in the Life of a Boca Concierge Pediatrician

Concierge Medicine Today

By Modern Boca Mom / December 8, 2014

It’s no secret that I dig Boca VIPediatrics. The business is run by a Boca Mompreneur, they recently had their official grand opening as active members of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce AND Mr. VIPediatric himself, Dr. Chad Rudnick, is available to his patients 24/7.
YES. 24/7.
So, that got me thinking, what exactly does a typical “work day” look like for Boca’s only concierge pediatrician? Does he eat? Sleep? Have time to sit by the pool or read a magazine?
I decided to ask him…

Rudnick 01Early Morning – I wake up, have my coffee, and take our dog, Snuggie, for a walk. I shoot off some follow up text messages or emails just to check-in on anyone who I spoke with the night/day prior with colds, coughs, fevers, rashes to make sure things are improving.

I get a text asking…

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